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The Grandeur of Difficulties

  “Many people owe the grandeur of their lives to their tremendous difficulties.” -C.H. Spurgeon This quote made me think about you, each one of the precious saints who make up the Commonwealth Community Baptist Church. Tremendous difficulties?  We got plenty.  What a year this has been!  But as the quote goes, we can have […]

Resurrection Relevancy: Case Study of the Man Job

Is the resurrection even relevant anymore?  (1) Perhaps we should ask, “Was the resurrection ever relevant?”  Postmodern cultures, whether ancient or modern, have always stumbled over God’s sovereignty over life and death as revealed in Scripture. (2)  What does the story of the resurrection do for a society that has pretty much seen, heard, and […]

I Do Not Understand the First Verse of the Bible

People often raise objections to theism in general or a point of theology in particular because they do not understand it.

How the Book of Joel was Preserved

The doctrine of preservation falls within the issue of authority.

Ne Cede Malis Brief Observations on the Bronx Flag

Many Bronx residents are not surprised to learn that the northernmost borough of NYC has its own flag, but few are familiar with its history, and perhaps even fewer are aware of the spiritual message and Biblical parallels that can be appreciated from it.

Immutability and Identity, Part Three

The Bible makes several statements about the nature of man, what is sometimes termed the doctrine of anthropology.

Immutability and Identity, Part Two

Notice Job 3:11-16, particularly verse 16. Here the man Job is in the midst of cursing the day he was born. He is wishing that he would have been born dead. He asks why his life on earth could not have ended on the day it began. And by the time he gets to verse […]

Immutability and Identity, Part One

“And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.”

TR Readings Keep Showing Up

As everyone in our church knows, this past Christmas season we completed a detailed study of I Timothy 3:16.

Commonwealth: A brief study on the word, the avenue, and the church

Our church is known as the Commonwealth Community Baptist Church of the Bronx. Sometimes people will refer to our church simply as “Commonwealth.”