Hi, my name is Sharon. I was born in St John’s, Antigua in the West Indies. I moved to the British Virgin Islands at the age of six where I was raised by my grandmother along with my six siblings. The majority of my life consisted of moving back and forth between Antigua, the British Virgin Islands, and St. Thomas.

At age 17, I had my first child and worked as a waitress and cashier for many years. I had my second child at age 19 while continuing to juggle jobs. In 2003, I made my first move to New York, but had to go back to the islands due to unforeseen circumstances. In 2004, I moved to Florida with my third and last child where I worked as a waitress and receptionist. I became unemployed in 2010.

Since that time my life has been spiraling out of control. Between being unable to find a stable job, having a daughter in college who I cannot really support financially, being away from my other two children and grandkids back in the islands, and lack of stability in my life, I knew the only way I could keep holding on and stay strong for my family was to turn my life over to God.

Once at my job in Coral Springs, Florida, two ladies came to the front desk where I worked and invited me to church. I wanted to live a different lifestyle. I had tried to find a church, but couldn’t. So, I went to church with these ladies and heard the gospel for the first time. I knew of the Bible, but didn’t understand what I was reading. After attending the church for a while, I realized I needed to give my life to Christ. I went forward at the invitation, but no one sat down to show me how to be saved. I knew something had happened, but I wasn’t sure what it was.

I later moved to New York. One day, I found a flyer that was left on my front door. It was from Commonwealth Community Baptist Church in the Bronx. I had been praying to God to lead me to a Bible-based church, but I didn’t know anything about this church. I decided I would go once to see what this group was all about.

I discovered the church was exactly what I was looking for. After just one visit I knew this was the church for me. It is the Bible-teaching church I had prayed the Lord would help me find. I feel at home here due to the friendly congregation and hospitable environment.

I met with Pastor Joel. He took the Bible and explained the way of salvation more clearly to me. He answered all my questions and helped me to see that Christ had died for my sins on the cross. Simple faith in Christ’s death, burial and resurrection has given me assurance that my sins are forgiven and that I am now a child of God. A few weeks after meeting with the pastor I publicly declared my faith in Jesus Christ by being baptized into the membership of the church. Since I got saved, I yearn more for the Word of the Lord. Reading the Bible has become a part of my daily ritual. Without it I feel incomplete. I feel more at peace and no longer worry about the direction of my life. I know Christ is my Savior and he will guide me throughout the remainder of my life.



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Here at Commonwealth Community Baptist Church (CCBC), I feel elated, privileged, and blessed.



Commonwealth Community Baptist Church has welcomed me and my family with loving arms. I was searching and yearning for a church to call home, and I have found that in CCBC.

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Commonwealth Community Baptist Church is my family. If someone wants to hear the Word of God taught right and made clear, this is the church to come to.