Hi, I am Jen. I was born in the Philippines. My father was a machinist-welder and my mother, who is still living, was a plain housewife. I have eight siblings. All of us were raised as Roman Catholics. We went to church out of traditional inclinations and not to have close and personal relationship with God. We had little knowledge about the teachings of the Bible because there was no opportunity nor sincere encouragement to read the Bible.

I finished the medical technology course in a local university and worked in a military hospital. I worked in a children’s hospital in Singapore for two years. I returned to the Philippines and worked in a private hospital where I met my husband Gel. We got married after several years. While in Manila, I had four miscarriages. My OB- GYN advised me to go to a place in the province where there is greater peace and serenity that would be more conducive to child- bearing.

We moved to the province of Palawan with a great hope of having at least one child. In that place, an evangelizing pastor conducted Bible studies and prayer meetings with us in our home. In our Bible studies, I remembered the story of Mary and Martha. Gel was like Mary, always willing to hear the words of God while I was like Martha, always busy preparing food. After several months, we began to attend the programs and activities in his church. We realized our desire to read the Bible and to know the teachings of God were enhanced. Before long we began to feel that our spiritual life was growing.

However, in our entire stay in Palawan we were not able to have a child. I could read the frustration and disappointment in the face of my husband. I knew he had been longing to have a child and so did I. Our main purpose for going to Palawan was to have a child, but that desire was not realized. Because of our Christian values we considered this as the will of God. We knew he had a purpose in not granting it to us. On the other hand, we considered our transfer to Palawan as a blessing in disguise because we were able to know God more closely. We came to believe him and received him as our Lord and personal Savior.

In 1994, I came to the United States to join my parents and my husband stayed in the Philippines. I concentrated on my job but did not have time for my spirituality. Back home in the Philippines my husband was busy serving the Lord in his new-found church. That interval in our life went on for seven years.

Finally, in 2002 he came to America to join me. We attended several Baptist churches until we came to the Bronx. Our friends accompanied us to CCBC led by Pastor Marty Silverberg in a storefront. I personally liked the way Pastor Marty preached and led us. I became more interested in reading and studying the Bible. We began to regularly attend the Sunday School and worship services. Shortly after we moved to our new church building I agreed to be baptized together with other ladies. Pastor Marty baptized us. We are now regular members of CCBC.

I consider myself very blessed as far as my spiritual life is concerned. We have a beautiful building and we have a new capable, competent teacher and preacher in the person of Dr. Joel Grassi. I love the fellowship and friendship of this body of believers.



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Here at Commonwealth Community Baptist Church (CCBC), I feel elated, privileged, and blessed.

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Commonwealth Community Baptist Church is my family. If someone wants to hear the Word of God taught right and made clear, this is the church to come to.



Commonwealth Community Baptist Church has welcomed me and my family with loving arms. I was searching and yearning for a church to call home, and I have found that in CCBC.